BDS works closely with clients to promote their brand objectives and goals through tailored course materials and presentations. Where possible, courses integrate presentations from client personnel and provide opportunities for direct communication.

Professional Partnership
CMI membership status is offered through the Diploma in Applied Business.

Educational Partners
BDS works in partnership with the University of Worcester to ensure the academic quality of educational provision, including a client specified MBA programme.

Partnership Opportunities
Our mission is to establish courses and qualifications of the highest quality and esteem for industry. The resources, materials and training styles behind these courses are available under license for use around the globe. Culturally adjusted translations can be prepared for international businesses.

If you are interested in a franchised partnership with us to provide BDS courses through the Business School, or in a license to use materials and resources, please contact us.

We are always keen to engage with experienced professionals from various specialisms in industry. If you have an interest in joining our team of associate consultants please contact us.