Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence (MI) is the legal and ethical process of defining, gathering, analysing and sharing information about your competitors, their products, customers or any other aspect of your competitive environment. This analysis supports decision makers when making strategic or tactical decisions.

Market Intelligence is often confused with competitor analysis, however, more than simply analysing the competition, MI delivers the ability to make your organisation more competitive in relation to its environment.

A wealth of expertise in training and consultancy provides BDS with a unique synergy and competence to undertake successful Market Intelligence projects in the automotive industry. BDS have successfully managed projects for manufacturers and dealer groups encompassing (but not limited to):

  • after market pricing
  • development of competitor profiles – OEM and aftermarket to highlight competitor competence, marketing strategy, competitive strategy and detailed, in-depth SWOT analysis
  • product comparisons
  • factor parts availability
  • contract maintenance study
  • mystery shopping

Whether you require benchmarking, competitor research, mystery shopping, establishing a Strategic Early Warning System, horizon scanning, producing regular competitor ‘news’ bulletins or the development of competitive strategy, we are confident in our ability to undertake small and large Market Intelligence projects in addition to providing an ongoing, outsourced initiative.