Business School

The BDS Business School brings together a range and depth of professional experience with dynamic educational techniques and qualifications to deliver bespoke programmes to clients. All BDS courses and qualifications are designed to improve practical ability in management through knowledge and application.

Our network of specialists bring comprehensive resources to life in the classroom, whilst our online Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) provides students with an “anytime-anywhere” accessibility to a range of supporting audio-visual and written resources.

Our courses are uniquely designed to suit client needs and emphasise the importance of profitability. Business models are used in which students become involved in the full operation of a business, and ultimately create workable profit improvement plans for their own business areas.

Our qualifications require learning to be applied. Through our courses we expect both high levels of knowledge, tested through our online VLE, and the ability to turn knowledge into real performance improvements. Distinctions can only be achieved through evidence of profit or performance improvement.

At BDS we believe that learning should be enjoyable and motivational. We work hard to ensure that students find the experience both stimulating and rewarding. More importantly, we expect management skills, knowledge and professionalism to be enhanced to stay ahead in a continuously changing and increasingly challenging business environment.